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Photo School Receiving Rave Reviews!

Basic to Advanced Camera Classes Offered in Annapolis

Thanks to enthusiastic students ranging from those still in high school to ones who have retired, Annapolis Photo School had two more successful camera classes this past weekend. If you’re not yet familiar with the Annapolis Photo School, it’s because it’s a brand new venture that  just started in January. Annapolis photographer David Anderson is the Founder and Director of Education.

The school is currently offering an “Intro to Digital Photography” class, a “Learning to use a DSLR” class, and an “Advanced DSLR Class”. These three classes are being taught by Anderson, along with fellow Certified Professional Photographer, Al General.  “These classes are the only ones in the entire Baltimore-Washington region that are being taught by two Certified Professional Photographers”, Anderson said. Fewer than 3% of professional photographers in the world can use the “Certified” label, as it is a program that is sanctioned by the Professional Photographers of America, which follows standards established by the national Institute of Credentialing Excellence (ICE).

The Annapolis Photo School has plans to expand and to add more classes and more instructors who will teach a variety of skills, possibly to include Photoshop, Lightroom, travel photography, and more.  The current classes are all being taught at Anderson’s Annapolis studio, which is in the Parole Professional Park, just across Riva Road from the Annapolis Towne Centre. Before each class, Anderson converts the studio’s camera room into a classroom, complete with seminar-style tables, a projection system, workbooks, and refreshments. This arrangement comfortably accommodates only about 10-12 students, but using an actual working studio offers some nice advantages. “We have all the tools we need here”, Anderson said. “If a student asks a question about a specific type of equipment, we can easily demonstrate it.”

As the school continues to grow, they want to keep class sizes small in order to help each student on an individual basis, as needed.  Anderson added that “although we may offer walking photo tours and other types of classes to get people outdoors, we don’t currently have any plans to move the classes away from the studio”. 

Not everyone wants to get creative with their camera. The Intro class is perfect for people who simply want to learn to take a better picture with any camera, and to get just a basic understanding of the dozens of settings on today’s digital cameras. However, many others really want to know how to use their cameras. “For those who do want to take control of their cameras, there’s a lot more than just putting your camera on automatic and firing away”, Anderson stated. “Those who want to have more creative control should take the DSLR classes”, Anderson explained. “Our goal for these students is to get them off the Auto mode and to help them to understand just what all of those camera settings really do, and how to use them.”  

Students are asked to fill out an evaluation form after each class. If the reviews from this weekend’s classes are typical, the school seems destined to be a success:

  • “Very good; well organized. I particularly liked the section on composition. I would also like to sign up for the next class.”  Ed O.  (Feb. 23, 2014 Intro class)
  • “I liked the instructors. I will recommend.”   (Feb. 23, 2014 Intro class)
  • “Very simple and helpful. I particularly liked the demonstrations. I will likely recommend these classes to friends and family.”  Emily A.  (Feb. 23, 2014 Intro class)
  • “The workbooks were very helpful & will be a good resource in the future.” I liked learning about “the basic camera settings overview & discussion of composition techniques.”  Carly K. (Feb. 23, 2014 Intro class)
  • “Very useful.” Liked “the cordial, informative manner the class was conducted. All questions answered.”   JR  (Feb. 23, 2014 Intro class)
  • “Very helpful! I liked the examples on the slides and funny videos 🙂 I would like to take the advanced class!”  (Feb. 23, 2014 Intro class)
  • The class covered the stated objectives. The workbooks were great.  Jozette B. (Feb. 23, 2014 Intro class)
  • I liked learning about the “Rule of Thirds.”  I will recommend these classes to friends or family.  (Feb. 23, 2014 Intro class)
  • “Very helpful. I will recommend these classes to friends.”  (Feb. 23, 2014 Intro class)
  • “The workbook was “very useful as you can take it with you. Practical tips on taking pictures in different situations.”  (Feb. 22, 2014 DSLR class)
  • “I liked the explanation of ISO, aperture & shutter speed.”  (Feb. 22, 2014 DSLR class)
  • Did the class cover the stated objectives?  “Big Time”! “Great tips / awesome knowledge”  Stacey S.  (Feb. 22, 2014 DSLR class)
  • “Workbooks were easy to understand. Friendly … small class w/interaction w/the instructors.”  Ted G. (Feb. 22, 2014 DSLR class)
  • “The workbooks were very helpful! The fact that two teachers taught the class kept it very interesting! I particularly liked the exposure triangle cheat sheet.”  Lauren C. (Feb. 22, 2014 DSLR class)

To learn more about the Annapolis Photo School and to register for classes, you can visit their website at

Annapolis Photo School

Clockwise, from top left: 1. APS students using workbooks and cameras 2. The classroom 3. Work tables 4. Students trying camera settings 5. Lovely “models”, Amanda and Sally.



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