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Drobo selects Pet Portrait as a Finalist

Data storage maker Drobo sponsors photo contest.

I rarely enter photography contests. It’s more important to me that my clients like my work than it is for some anonymous committee or some organization to choose what they happen to be looking for at a particular time. Last year, I did enter one dog portrait in a contest that was only open to the studios across the US and Canada that participated in the “Celebration of Smiles” fundraiser for Operation Smile. The entries had to be from one of the Celebration sessions, and I wound up winning third place in the pet portrait category. I also entered that contest this year too, since we were again an Operation Smile studio. (The judging hasn’t been finished yet for this year.)  Now, for the third time in two years – and this is very unusual for me –  I’ve entered another contest!

A couple of weeks ago I saw a Twitter announcement from a company called Drobo, which is the maker of my in-house computer data backup system. They were asking for entries to show what could be gone forever if we suffered a data loss. On a whim, I decided to enter another pet portrait, and point out that I have thousands of images that could be lost forever if I somehow had a catastrophic failure.  (If you’re a client there’s no to worry though – read on!)

“I probably create more data in one session than a small law firm creates in a month.”

What is “Drobo”?

You’re probably already getting the idea, but in a nutshell, a Drobo system is a box that you can place several hard drives in to create massive file storage or backup. It uses technology called BeyondRAID, but you really don’t need to know that, unless you’re really into that sort of thing. The beauty of it is that if any of the hard drives fail – as all hard drives do eventually – the remaining drives still have all of your data safe and sound. Simply pop out the bad drive and put a new one in and the Drobo takes care of the rest. (It really is that easy – I’ve done it.) 

According to Drobo’s website, the company has received over 50 industry awards and has been named by WIRED magazine as one of “The 10 Silicon Valley Companies You Wish You Worked For (or Started)”.

For those of us who own or run a business, having data backups is essential for our business continuity should we have a hard drive crash, or some other major computer disaster such as a fire or theft. And, as a photographer, I probably create more data in one session than a small law firm creates in a month. If you have a basic understanding of computer data, you’ll recognize that the 10TB (terabytes) or so of active data that I have in my little studio is quite a few “ones and zeros” to store. All of my important files backup constantly to the Drobo, and also to the web. With the Drobo, if my main computer crashes, I could switch to another computer, plug the Drobo into it, and keep on working. And worst-case scenario – barring a nationwide nuclear catastrophe or something – I could restore all of my files by the next business day because my online provider will FedEx a new hard drive with all my files.

“Worst-case scenario – barring a nationwide nuclear catastrophe or something – I could restore all of my files by the next business day…”

My current Drobo system is nearly five years old, and it’s still working great. But, five years in the computer world is like a century, so when I saw this contest and the chance to win a new Drobo, it took me about two minutes to send in my entry. I had pretty much forgotten all about it until I got another Tweet from Drobo yesterday saying that “we love this photo” and that it was a finalist. Needless to say, I was very happy and surprised.

Drobo Twitter reply

So, there you have it. You now know what Drobo is and what this contest is about. It’s now up to “viewers like you” to help by voting for my entry. The “elegant lady” portrayed in my entry is Bonnie, a Standard Schnauzer owned by one of my regular clients who lives in Odenton. If you like the portrait, I’d appreciate your vote by clicking on it. (You may also need to log in to Facebook to actually cast your vote.)

Voting ends this Sunday (July 20), and I believe you can vote once per day, per device (phone or computer).

Drobo photo contest entry

“Bonnie” – Click to Vote


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Carolyn K. Long - September 4, 2014 - 7:21 pm

That is an exquisite dog photo!

Dave Anderson - July 21, 2014 - 7:14 pm

It’s a winner! Thanks to all who voted!

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