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Minnesota’s Coach Kill Announces Retirement Due to Health

Coach Kill Unable to Continue Doing What He Loves

“It was, perhaps, the most gut-wrenching retirement announcement in sports”, CNN said today about the press conference by University of Minnesota head football coach, Jerry Kill. “The football

Head Football Coach Kill of the University of Minnesota.

Head Football Coach Kill of the University of Minnesota.

coach wept at the podium. He stopped every few words, sought to compose himself and then choked up more. His livelihood, his passion, his dream ripped away.”

I’ve had the honor of meeting and photographing Coach Kill and his wife a couple of times, once in DC about two years ago, and then last year in Minneapolis. They are great people, and their entire family has struggled with the effects of his epilepsy. Even after having seizures during nationally televised games over the past couple of years, Coach Kill pushed himself to continue. He was even named Big 10 Coach of the Year last year, but now his career seems to be over. After more and more seizures and complications due to his medications, he decided to retire immediately. He didn’t want to “cheat” the team and university because he could no longer give it his all.

I wish the best to Coach Kill and his family.

Read the CNN article.

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