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Legacy of Stan Stearns

Stan Stearns photo

Stan Stearns
Photo by Gene Sweeney –
Baltimore Sun

The Legacy of Stan Stearns

As appropriate for a photographer of his stature, the obituary of Mr. Stan Stearns appeared in nearly 200 newspapers and news broadcasts worldwide after he passed away on March 2, 2012.

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Mr. Stearns rose to prominence in the 1960’s when he became the Chief White House photographer for UPI.  His fame spread far and wide once he made the iconic image of John-John Kennedy saluting the funeral caisson of his father, the assassinated President John F. Kennedy. This image is one of the most-published photographs in the world. Stan often told the story of that photograph, and that he nearly got fired when he told his boss that he only took one photo of the processional, and then rushed back to the lab. But, he knew he had the shot of the day. The photo was a front-runner for the Pulitzer for 1964, but lost out to the photo of Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald.

After he left UPI, Stearns returned to his hometown of Annapolis, Maryland and opened a downtown portrait studio.  He photographed many well-known celebrities and politicians as well as prominent local residents, right up until his last days.

A couple of years before he passed, Stearns asked his friend and fellow Annapolis photographer Dave Anderson to carry on his business should he ever not be able to himself.  Having a similar style and talent, Anderson agreed to take on this task if necessary.  All too soon Anderson found himself carrying on the famous legacy and continues to serve Stan’s clients with the quality and service for which Stan was noted. Anderson now owns and maintains Stan’s files and remaining body of work.

~ Click Here to see a video tribute about Stan and some of his images.


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