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Rates and Packages

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Rates, Packages, and Digital Images

My studio is not as inexpensive as the mall or department store studio, but it’s far from being the most expensive in the area as well. I believe that the artistry and service I provide are worth what I charge, and I am very flexible with the clients who truly value my work. I try to strike a balance between giving my clients what they want and need, while making a reasonable profit at the same time. I strive to be very professional at all times, and I guarantee the results … in writing.

Family, Children, and Pet Sessions

We have no minimum orders, but most families spend from a few  hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. It all depends on the specific type of session, how many people, and how many portraits, sizes, finishes, and extras such as albums, books, and digital images.
  • Session fees: All sessions require a session fee, and most can actually be paid and reserved onlineFamily and Children session fees range from $125 for a studio session, to $325 or more for location sessions. (Large families or locations outside of the Annapolis area can be higher. Minimum purchase requirements may also be added for Sundays, holidays, and other peak times.)  
  • Included: Family and Children sessions also include a planning consultation, location preview (if applicable), the session itself, and the View and Choose appointment a few days after the session.
  • Portrait Clubs: Families with growing children can save by joining our Portrait Club or Cradle Club (see below)
  • Collections: Collections (packages) that include several finished portraits are available from under $450. These collections are very flexible, and allow you to mix sizes and poses.
  • Individual Portraits: Pricing of individual portraits range from as little as $148 for a desk-size Embassy Portrait to as much as $6500 for a large museum-quality Heirloom Portrait (see next line).  Note: Ask us how to save by using our Advance Purchase Savings Plan. 
  • Finishes: We offer three main levels of portrait finishes, ranging from the durable, but inexpensive Embassy Finish (100 year archival value), to our hand-finished archival Heirloom Portrait that rivals oil paintings in quality, craftsmanship, and longevity. (Heirloom Portraits are often selected for company and institutional portraits that will hang in a prominent location for a very long time. Families also purchase to pass down to future generations.) Finishes are available on various types of canvas, metal, and even wood.
  • Digital Media: Digital images, phone apps, albums, coffee-table books, music videos, and other items are available after a minimum portrait purchase.
  • Ask about our Advanced Purchase Savings Plan!

“A portrait is one of the few things in life that gets more valuable as time passes, so you shouldn’t trust your once-in-a-lifetime portrait to a once-in-a-while photographer, or to the temporary technology of today.”

A few words about digital portrait images

Because we all enjoy sharing photos online, I actually give my clients social media images with a minimum purchase of finished portraits. But, to me, a portrait isn’t real unless it’s printed, and it gives me no personal satisfaction to simply produce digital images. I want to see them proudly hung in your home, printed at the quality I envisioned.

Will Facebook or the “cloud” be around when your kids are grown?

Digital Portraits or Printed Portraits?

I personally have original portraits of my great and great-great grandparents that are well over a hundred years old. Will your children and grandchildren be able to say that if you only have digital image files that may not be readable in ten years?

Cradle Club and Portrait Club

  • Cradle Club: For those with newborns, our Cradle Club lets you save the memories of your baby’s first year – the time when they change so quickly!
    • You get up to 4 sessions (newborn, 4, 8, and 12 months).
    • Plus, you get a finished composite portrait with a pose from all the sessions.
    • In addition, you get a savings from the regular prices for any additional portraits you may want.
    • An $1100 value all for only all for only $875.
  • Portrait Club: Perfect for growing families with toddlers and older children, our Portrait Club makes sense and also saves you money!
    • Three (3) studio sessions to use anytime over three years (Location sessions are available for an extra fee per session).
    • You get a savings off all orders from your sessions.
    • All for only $350

Senior Class

  • Senior Class portrait session fees range from $79 for a Basic studio session, to $329 for our Top Model Session that includes a Makeup Artist and indoor-outdoor locations. You can see all the sessions on the Senior Portrait page.
  • We have no minimum portrait purchase, but most families purchase Senior packages and spend anywhere from around $450 to $1200 or more.
  • Digital images, phone apps, albums, coffee-table books, music videos, and other items are also available.

Business Portraits

  • Our most popular session is only $149 and includes a retouched publication-sized digital image, as well as a LinkedIn size image. Group or extended sessions are also available and can be scheduled in the studio or at your place of business. Discounts are available for multiple individuals from the same organization. Learn more on the Business Portrait page.

Commercial Photography

Commercial work varies greatly depending on the specific project, and most projects only require digital images. Some projects are very simple and take little time and will be priced accordingly. Other projects may be complex and will require lots of post-processing or multiple photographers and support personnel, and could take a great deal of time, equipment, and materials to complete. The intended use of the images must also be taken into account. Images for a small local business will cost less than those made for a large national advertising campaign. For these reasons, commercial projects are priced on a case-by-case basis.

Also, please note that we now have a specialized product photography division at

Non-profit organizations:  Small charitable organizations may qualify for free or reduced-fee services as our schedule permits. Please contact us so that we can determine if your organization qualifies.



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