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Q:  Can I schedule a Celebration of Smiles session on any days other than April 26th or April 29th?
A:  Since we are donating our time and money for this fundraiser, we cannot schedule for other dates. We will be offering a Family Portrait promotion for Operation Smile in October, though, so watch for that!

Q:  I need a digital image for Linked In and my company website.  Can I get that instead of the 5x7?
A:  Yes. Business professionals may exchange the portrait for one fully retouched, web-sized digital file with an advertising/commercial use releaseLarger digital images for printing purposes are optional.

Q:  You say these sessions are for one person, but what if I have 3 staff people I want photographed?

A:  No problem!  We have made it easy to schedule up to 3 time slots (for 3 donations of $24)!  You will get to choose one web-sized image for each person.  Just don't wait too long, because it may be hard to find available back-to-back sessions. (If you have more than 3 people, please email us and we can block off the time manually, and invoice you.)

Q:  If I do schedule more than one time slot, will I also get more than one 5x7?
A:  Of course!  If you book 3 sessions, you will get to select 3 - 5x7's (or 3 web-sized digital files for business purposes) as our gift to you.

Q:  OK - I know that I get a free 5x7 as a gift for donating, but what if I want more?
A:  We will make it easy for you to order additional prints or digital files, and at discounted rates.

Q:  So I can order more prints, and even digital files.  Will these be priced like your regular portraits?
A:  We are offering special pricing for this fundraiser to keep it affordable for everyone. 

Q:  How much does one Operation Smile surgery cost? 
A:  Because medical and dental professionals donate their time, one surgery only costs about $240.  That's why we say that "For every 10 smiles we photograph, one precious smile will be saved".

Q:  I know that Operation Smile provides surgeries in developing countries, but do they do anything here in the U.S.?
A:  Yes.  Cleft conditions and other facial deformities know no geographic boundaries.  For families in the United States whose children are born with clefts, Operation Smile provides detailed information and guidance through the U.S. Care Network referral service.

Q:  I don't want to schedule a session, but would like to donate more to this worthy cause - can I do that?
A:  Of course, and that's a wonderful idea!  We have included a "Donate" button below so that you can use a credit card or PayPal account to donate any amount you wish.  David Anderson Photography is covering the credit card fees and other costs, and will combine your donation with the Celebration of Smiles session fees, and pay 100% of all the donations to PPA Charities and Operation Smile.  We will send an email to all participants to let you know how much we raised, and will be happy to include your name and contribution (only if you want us to).

NOTE:  Operation Smile is a wonderful organization and we are proud to support their efforts. We do not anticipate a studio profit from this fundraiser, and we cover all the costs, including the credit card fees and taxes as necessary.
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Want to Donate without scheduling a Session?  100% of your donation will go to PPA Charities / Operation Smile.


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